Kota Is Home Safe!!!

Kota was recovered using
Specialized Capture Services
by Detect-A-Pet

Kota's first order of business after arriving home was to take a well deserved nap.

Kota, an English Mastiff, normally weighing 190 pounds, lost 45 pounds during his 65 day adventure away from home.

Once captured, he instantly gave kisses to Mom & Dad and remembered all of his favorite things about home.

Congratulations to Kota's family and friends. Thanks to all those that helped and prayed for his recovery.





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I understand that your pet is a beloved family member and when they are missing you are faced with some very distressing issues. No doubt, you will be worried about their well being and you will want to bring them back home as soon as possible. But, the truth may be that you too are lost when it comes to knowing how to find your missing pet.

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the Mini-Schnauzer
is Home Safely!

Crystal endured 4+ weeks in the snow, ice, and cold of Virginia.

Congratulations to Beth, Brant, Family & all of Crystal's friends!

Crystal, a little thin, but now Happy at Home



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Shiloh the Saint Bernard Captured!

Shiloh was recovered using
Specialized Capture Services
by Detect-A-Pet

Shiloh was loose for
6 months.


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